Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee – Catherine Blinkhorn from Microsoft

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

Catherine Blinkhorn is a Senior Account Executive with Microsoft who has been in the IT industry for over 20 years.  She has worked for some of the largest Technology companies in the world including SAP, HP and IBM and graciously spent time with some of our amazing women for a 30-minute Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee on 22nd July.

What we knew before the session was that Catherine would share her wisdom around fate, luck, ups and downs, divorce, resilience and how to be brave to follow your heart in your career, as a queen of ICT and successful intrapreneur for that motivation dose we crave in our fortnightly calls.

What we didn’t know was that Catherine’s life in chapters would move us all so deeply.

A Career Story in Chapters

Prefacing the session with how she shared not as someone who is better, but in the spirit of helping, lifting and inspiring people, we all felt immediately at ease.

Starting with her Childhood chapter, we got a glimpse of the foundation that formed Catherine’s desire for excellence and success.  Encouraged by parents who instilled a strong self belief system where she could “be the Prime Minister if you want to be”, life was not perfect but she was loved.

We then moved into Career & Kids.  There was an early shock that it isn’t always who you know to get a job, but what was an initial setback turned into great determination and ignited a drive which landed her first job, lasting 11 years, with IBM.  Many ups and downs and a pretty jaw dropping outcome from workplace bullying and deception from some of those she worked with .

With Faith & Forgiveness You Can Overcome

Luckily for us all, faith and forgiveness has allowed her to accept and grow from her past allowing for her chapter of Redefining.  Part of this included her stepping back into a Senior Management role and embracing the unique opportunity to lead the Microsoft Dynamics portfolio of ERP & CRM business applications for New Zealand.  During the 2 years leading this business she doubled the size of her team, counting them as one of the best in the industry where she also had the privilege of working with some inspirational customers. . 

In 2020 she made the heart led decision to go back to her first passion as an Account Executive helping a select group of customers make digital transformation a reality by bringing the entire portfolio of Microsoft’s solutions across Productivity, Azure and Business Applications together.  Most recently in June she has landed her dream role, again moving within Microsoft to manage a globally strategic account. 

An Epilogue …But don’t worry, the story does continue

Her Epilogue rounded key messages perfectly before we opened the floor to our attendees. 

She feels happier, stronger and more invigorated than she had for some time and, with colleagues noticing, I’m sure this can only be of amazing benefit to her customers and the projects she will be working on!

Our Her Career team and members thank you Catherine, and wish you all the best for the successes we know are still ahead with the aspirational goals you have yet to fulfill!

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