Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee – Emma Watson from Fronde

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

It was a personal pleasure to welcome Emma Watson to this Her Career Leader Led Conversations Over Coffee event to share her experience and insights with us, not only on the call we shared, but forever online for all to learn from (link below), so Emma felt absolutely no pressure!

I met Emma at the end of 2009 when I made my first career pivot, securing an Account Manager role with CCH New Zealand, now Wolters Kluwer.  In the 4 years where our working lives overlapped, Emma always impressed me as an inspiring female leader, someone who is knowledgeable, professional, calm, solutions focused, fair, logical, and who also had a great amount of emotional intelligence and humility, while supporting, advocating for, and celebrating her largely female leadership team.

An advocate of continuous growth, Emma graduated in March 21 with a Post Grad Cert in Human Potential for the Digital Economy from Tech Futures Lab

Emma started her career in her native UK in Accountancy and immigrated to New Zealand with one of her first roles being at CCH, where she spent over 13 years across 3 key roles.

Now at Fronde, where initially employed as a consultant, she has been promoted 3 times in her nearly 7 years there and is now their COO, this obviously speaks volumes to her work ethic and abilities.

With real and whole human experience to share, Emma brings a human face to developing an esteemed career as a woman across Business Performance, Strategy, Finance and Governance, in Finance, Publication, Marketing, and Technology sectors

I’m sure you’ll have many inspired and empowered moments from the replay of her session with us.


How pivoting from an early failure can accelerate your own drive, give you a hunger to prove something, and in the end, allow you to find a better fit.

Humility & Patience

You can always get something out of a situation, and it will generally lead onto great things!

Feel the fear do it anyway!

CCH / Wolters Kluwer – what a journey and a fantastic lesson when provided with a role opportunity that was much wanted, but that Emma probably would not have applied for directly!

Emma faced the challenge of being a doing and action person, but making space to take in surroundings

Calm in a crisis – sharing where her incredible calm comes from

Remembering that you can always share a problem

Putting your hand up

Understand your role and job is impacted by others roles and other jobs

People rely on you and you can achieve more and be successful if you work together – make sure your positively leverage

Know the business, pitch solutions and find the right people

Questions not answers

Leverage the skills you have, not just yours, but those in your team, your organisation, and your network

It may make sense to you, but if you don’t share the vision and the why, or get buy in, it’s just not going to happen!

Make sure you’re taking others on the journey and allowing others their own “epiphany”

Emma admits this is a work in process area for her still, luckily, she doesn’t have to have all the answers!!

Our Her Career team and members thank you Emma, and wish you all the best for the successes we know are still ahead with the aspirational goals you have yet to fulfill!

Want the replay of Emma’s Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee?

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