Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee – Felicity Blake from FIS, New Zealand

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

In November 2020 Her Career, and our FB Community Hub Millennial INTRApreneurs thriving in their 9 – 5 were so very privileged to have Felicity Blake from FIS join us for our #4 Her Career Conversations Over Coffee Leader Led call.

I personally crossed paths with Felicity a few years ago when I was in payments.  She has always been warm, generous, knowledgeable and highly respected within the industry.

In her time with us Felicity shared some incredibly important, and personal, lessons from her career, including

  • Working for a manager who was a bully
  • How she has proved her abilities to transverse across different industries using her transferable skills
  • 3 tips for entry and mid-level women wanting to accelerate their career, money & network
  • What success means to her … and more

Although she had been hit with the usual imposter syndrome that we’re all so familiar with, she completely owned this forum and left so many with empowered moments.

Working for a bully Manager

She jumped right on into the deep end, talking about her experience walking eyes wide open into a situation where she knew there was a bully as a manager to report to.  It can be both a challenge and opportunity, and one which a lot of people, particularly women find themselves faced with at some time in their career journey.

But where there is challenge, there is growth.  She learnt a lot from that person, and a lot in that experience. Luckily Felicity had a tribe of support, and her response was one of self-belief and conviction. 

What about career successes?

Felicity feels really lucky, believing fantastic opportunities have come her.

Not planning her career 5 or 10 years in advance, but throws herself absolutely heart and soul into what she’s doing, and delivering great outcomes.  Her biggest career success has been traversing different roles, taking those transferable skills, and using them across new realms.  

How can women increase their own career prospects?

Coming along to groups like this is a fantastic way to pick up tips and tricks from people who’ve been there and done that. But, she shares that that the single most important thing is to build your network, introduce yourself to people, talk to people and learn from their experience, join them and meet some of their connections.  When you do that people will get to know you, they will speak on your behalf and when an opportunity does come up, they will know to put you forward for it

You have to be courageous, step outside of your comfort zone, and be authentic.  Know your point of difference, you don’t have to fit inside the square box. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

What does success overall look like for and how to balance work and life?

Being a total people person being in sales is a great personality match for Felicity.  In terms of work success, a sale alone is not the definition, it’s about building a relationship to the point where both parties are striving for the same goal with meaning.   Everybody has ups and downs in their days and it’s great to have family support.  But real success I think is finding joy in every moment that you have, to spark joy.

Make sure you can laugh with friends at work.

Our Her Career team and members thank you Felicity, and wish you all the best for the successes we know are still ahead with the aspirational goals you have yet to fulfill!

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