Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee – Fiona Ehn from Kiwibank

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

Fiona Ehn, GM of Cards and Payments from Kiwibank joined us for a Her Career Leader Led Conversations Over Coffee event. We were so honoured to have her share this time, and her experiences, with our Millennial INTRApreneurs thriving in their 9 – 5 FB Hub, and others in our wider network.

Fiona has had a varied and interesting career, while her early career focused in customer strategy, insight and analytics across a range of service industries including Telecommunications, Energy and public sector, her latter career saw her move to Financial Services where she held a range of roles at BNZ, before heading across the Tasman to launch Qantas Money.

Back in New Zealand since 2019, she now leads the Cards and Payments at Kiwibank, a role which is complemented by a Directorship with Payments NZ. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Estuary Arts Charitable Trust aligned to her personal passion for the arts.

She provided me with a sneak peek of her sharing, which focused on strength, courage and understanding, so very cleverly and entertainingly wrapped up into the significance of the date of her sharing, 14th July being Bastille Day.

So with that Fiona, started with the key takeaways she wanted to leave us all with from her sharing across a fantastic career!

Fiona, with the backdrop of some beautiful Kiwibank wall art

We received amazing insights around:

  • Fiona’s career story
    • A journey not a destination – made up of a series of choices
  • Chapter 1 | Preparing for battle
    • Focused on building resilience
    • Built tool kit of skills to be really effective in role and life
    • Got match fit and prepared for any battle
  • Chapter 2 | Know your strengths
    • Back yourself
    • Have a voice
    • And have courage to say what you believe in
  • Chapter 3 | Have courage take risks
    • Build a range of new experiences and skills for your artillery
    • How you exercise leadership is always a dance on taking risks
    • If you don’t take risks you’ll be left wondering “what if
  • Chapter 4 | Understand your platoon / team & leverage Superpowers
    • Your super power is a key to unlocking your career
    • Surround yourself with a good network and don’t be afraid to lean into their superpowers
    • Give, because if you give you’ll get

Our Her Career team and members thank you Fiona, and wish you all the best for the successes we know are still ahead with the superpower and creative goals you have yet to fulfill!

Want the replay of Fiona’s Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee?

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