Leader Led Conversation Over Coffee – Hilary Walton from Kordia

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

We were honoured to have Hilary Walton from Kordia join us for our latest Her Career Leader Led Conversations Over Coffee event

Absolutely aligned to our Her Career values of inspiring empowered moments where women can accelerate career, money, network, and advocate for mentoring, Hilary is even a mentor for our very own Jess Mason.  Jess unfortunately couldn’t join us today but wanted to make sure I express just how much she adores Hilary!

As a Director | Digital Influencer | Digital, Security & Business Transformation Leader | Psychologist | Author, YouTuber & Podcaster | wife and mother of 3, Hilary champions diversity in the hope to make our world  a better place.

Hilary with her Digital Culture Ideas podcast and YouTube sharing

Her diverse background in organisational psychology, ICT, risk management, and security shows her immense skill sets above others with traditional technology backgrounds. She worked on the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games leading the Information Security programme and ticks the super cool box, for time with Mi5 in London.

Believing that being ‘digital’ requires a new set of behaviours and ways of working for people to learn and adopt, Hilary is a ‘YouTuber’ founder of a ‘Digital Culture Ideas’ YouTube show and podcast, to help people understand this cultural shift happening right now. 

We received amazing insights around:

Hilary is incredibly relatable and down to earth, sharing how she feels vulnerability putting herself “really really out there”, especially with few females in the Tech industry, but try’s to not feel the judgement. “When it feels right and you’re enjoying it you just kind of carry on”
  • Knowing that you don’t have to choose an either / or option, you can have what you decide to put focus onto
  • Career Challenges & Successes
  • 3 tips for entry and mid-level women wanting to accelerate their career, money & network
    • Be gutsy
    • Say yes to opportunities
    • You’ll never know if they will say yes if you don’t ask
  • What success means to Hilary
  • The next big career goal
  • Behind the story take for her The Spinoff article titled The niceness trap: Navigating the ‘rules’ for women leaders in the workplace
  • Why Hilary decided to venture into wider Social Media with Digital Culture Ideas, on YouTube and Podcast, overcoming naysayers, and sharing what impact digital has on us all
  • Balancing her variety of roles
  • Some great tips for mothers or those thinking of motherhood to balance your corporate career climb

There were also a number of questions we didn’t have a chance to dig into with the audio, but managed to receive Hilary’s high level thoughts for:

What provides the greatest personal satisfaction from your work?

Galvanising people around and idea and the idea starting to spread, not through my messages, but through osmosis – security, risk, digital culture

When have you experienced imposter syndrome, or ever doubted yourself, and what did you learn from that?

“Yes, I think we all feel this, men too. I buckle down in research and learning until I know kinda what I am doing. I also crowd source and collaborate with others, you don’t need to do or know everything yourself.”

What is one thing you wish you knew at the beginning of your career that you would encourage those here today to implement in their career strategy or growth

Avoid being pigeon-holed as any one thing or even any one career. When I speak I often start by doing just that, by describing myself as many things – psychologist, risk management professional, culture change expert, security practitioner, wife, mother, author, and a thought leader who wants to make the world a better place by inspiring more diversity in the Tech sector!

In such a male dominated industry, do you still experience gender bias?

“Yes, but its usually the older generation or men who grew up themselves with a particular idea of what a leadership is in a patriarchal system.”

What are your top tips for women dealing with a manager who may find it hard to let go of the reins and pass them over?

“Trust comes from many small experiences, like putting pebbles in a jar. Make yourself really helpful, managers really like people who make their job easier.”

You have a background in organisational psychology, what is one change most businesses could make to improve their work environment or culture?

“More Digital leadership!”

Our Her Career team and members thank you Hilary, and wish you all the best for the successes we know are still ahead with the digital and leadership goals you have yet to fulfill!

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