Member Mention – Nerissa Ramlall

By Rosey Nathan – Chief Commercial Officer

This blog post is taken from a Member Mention created for our Facebook Community Hub, Millennial INTRApreneurs thriving in their 9 – 5. This group is exclusively for intrapreneurial women, those studying towards, working, or looking for a role, WITHIN a business, wanting to personally/professionally grow, and/or climb that career ladder.

The above mentioned hub is a safe space where we encourage connection, empowerment and celebration. We want to best support our members, and our purpose, to use that space to learn from other successful women, gain industry insight, overcome the common fears and obstacles we all share on our way to the top, offer career and money tools, tips and opportunities, and level up together!

We know it can be hard at a networking event to walk up to strangers and spill a little about yourself (eeek) so we’re now here to bridge those gaps for you in this hub with “Member Mentions”. This should make the entire networking process a little more natural, a little more human and a lot less painful! 

#1 in “Member Mention” celebrated Nerissa Ramlall. I worked with Nerissa at Payment Express where I was impressed with her intellect, sharp wit and infectious energy. She has worked across technology, procurement and health fields, advising she would not have anticipated those roles to appeal, or realised the value and learnings which were to be gained. A reminder from her to be open minded about accepting roles! She has learnt from others wherever possible and thinks about skills development in her roles to more clearly define her likes/dislikes to better shape her career next steps 

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Nerissa Ramlall in Member Mention Summary