Mikayla Hopkins

Founder @ Her Career & Chief Marketing Officer @ The Face Place

Mikayla’s Expertise

Negotiating salary
Career advancement / promotion and progression
Going through a career transition/pivot
Personal branding
Leadership + Management
Interviewing with confidence
Needing direction in career
Managing overwhelm / stress of conflict at work

Our Take.

Mikayla’s passion for helping young women succeed is obvious from the moment you first make contact. Whilst she’s held Senior Brand Manager and Chief Marketing Officer roles, her biggest strengths are showing other women what’s possible, empowering ambitious professionals who aspire to be in senior roles and helping women get paid what they deserve. Backed by a Business Commerce degree and a Post Graduate diploma in Digital Strategy, Mikayla has been recognised as a leader in her field, known for strategic thinking, business development, exceptional marketing, NPD, negotiations, national campaigns, branding, service background across the FMCG and Health/Beauty industry, and is supported by a wide-spread network across Australia and New Zealand.

It’s her dream to have more young females leading the way, making decisions and controlling fundamental change in business and in the organisation they work for. She want’s a workforce where diversity, from first management roles right through to c-level, is the norm. She’s endlessly optimistic and determined to create change. Mikayla wants more women to get paid their market rate and is an advocate for breaking down the stigma associated with talking about money.

From Mikayla, to you

Building Her Career began with the notion that Professional Success Isn’t Ageist. After rapidly building my own career, and working my way up in my 9 – 5 to a C-level executive role (and helping other’s do the same), I knew the opportunity to help other young women find their seat at the table was what sparked the most joy in me. I want more women to unlock their potential, experience career success, financial freedom, professional fulfilment and to help all of us to live bigger lives.

I gained early success in my career by overcoming layers of Imposter Syndrome – usually the biggest road block for many of the women I host power sessions for. What I’ve learnt, is that it doesn’t matter where we are in our career, we all suffer from it. If you take one thing away from reading this, take comfort in knowing that everyone deals with that inner critic, even those that are at the top of their fields, but also know that it’s our choice to recognise it for what it is – our brain attempting to keep us safe – and to then move through it.

I invested time and money into finding the best strategic and mindset tools needed to accelerate my career trajectory. I’ve loved all my roles; creating business connections that evolved into friendships, enjoying the rush of negotiations and acquiring new skills, launching new products, services and campaigns. Before long, I had people asking me to help them do the same. Once I started seeing results show up in their lives – more clarity, better career opportunities, faster promotions, bigger pay rises, more connection and fulfilment, I knew I could build a community with like-minded women and fuel a greater impact. I’ve worked in the FMCG industry and the health and beauty industry, although have experience mentoring women from construction through to information technologies.

“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decide to believe in themselves. Period.”

The more females that feel empowered to go after what they want, the more they then encourage their girlfriends, colleagues, mothers and daughters to do the same! This is important to me because across Australasia (and the rest of the world) women are facing challenges when stepping into their first management position, those roles that are the bridge to more senior leadership, right through to c-suite. We’re changing this with personalised mentor sessions, digital courses, events and experiences. There’s nothing better than walking away from a conversation, feeling like you can achieve anything. During my 1:1 mentor sessions, my goal is to offer you that feeling time and time again.

Mikayla x

``Mikayla and Her Career were absolutely pivotal in my pursuit and achievement of a role that I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mikayla is a one of kind person who genuinely wants to see females succeed and achieve absolute fulfillment from their career. Mikayla coached me in interview and salary negotiation strategy, touching on aspects that I had never thought of. The services of Mikayla and Her Career are absolutely priceless. This woman will change your life.``

Yang Z, 30 Auckland

``Mikayla’s passion for accelerating the careers of women is both infectious and inspiring. Our private coaching sessions were meticulously planned, engaging and informative, and educated me on harnessing the power of mindset and strategy to land a job I love! In particular, Mikayla’s intensive training on negotiating a payrise was an invaluable resource that is a must watch for all!``

Sherri B, 25 Auckland

``I worked 1:1 with Mikayla Hopkins for 3 months earlier this year. What she taught me was invaluable, helping me secure a job promotion I had been working towards for years. She had a unique process of combing strategic and mindset work that enabled me to get clear on my career goals, the steps I needed to take and the person I needed to become. I liked that she supported me in figuring out the answers myself. I've worked with other mentors/consultants but none that had walked the walk like she does. I see Mikayla's vision for 'Her Career', and the professional network she's creating, being a HUGE success and integral role in many other professional's lives.``

Kim, 28 Merlbourne