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The hub – A space for like-minded, career women to learn, share, grow and connect.

Based in a private Facebook group, this is the hub for female intrapreneurs (not to be confused with entrepreneurs) across Australasia wanting to thrive in their 9- 5. A hub for career-savvy women to chat, open doors, grow and share opportunities, ask for advice, celebrate our work wins and help drive inspiration with epic, relatable content (yes, that sometimes means office memes). Here, ambition is not a dirty word and #femaleambition is always celebrated!

Whether you are entry-level or C-level, there’s always another female aspiring to be where you are now, or someone able to accelerate your trajectory to where you would like to be. Assemble your own career ladder, with the help of women who want to see you win and advance to higher levels. Our purpose is to use this group to learn from other successful women, gain industry insight, overcome the common fears and obstacles we all share on our way to the top, offer career and money tools, tips and opportunities, and level up together.

Start a discussion, ask for general or industry-specific advice or join us on one of our digital community calls!



  1. A breed of employee, who works with energising, entrepreneurial spirit inside an organisation for the benefit of all. Intrapreneurs often become a company’s executive leader over time. They move the business forward and rise to the top within their 9 – 5. They’re always looking for opportunities to grow the business or make life a little better for their customers and team members. They’re often ambitious, creative, inspiring and treat the business they work in like it’s their own.


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Our people:

Are based in Australasia and belong to a supportive group of millennial women who are shaking things up in their profession

Are (or a set to become) experts in their industries

Are committed to rapidly advancing their career, where they make more money, discover true job fulfilment and ultimately forge a bigger impact

Are building their personal brand and leveraging it to call in more career opportunities

Take their work seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously

Are set to be recognised for being a leader within their field

Want to be money savvy and in a position were they are financially secure, thriving and independent

Are committed to learning about, growing, and showing up, as the very best version of themselves

Are friends, and value real, down-to-earth, meaningful connections – Hey, we’re not LinkedIn Monday through Friday and Instagram only on weekends!

Want to utilise mindset and visualisation work to accelerate their results (backed by science of course!)

Support other like-minded women with their own connections, journey to success and life-changing tools

Are kind, honest and supportive – if you’re not, we’re probably not for you!

With Her Career, women are always in charge of their careers.

You’ll find a mix of women in our private Facebook group who range from entry-level to senior professionals – including most of our HC Mentors.

``Mikayla and Her Career were absolutely pivotal in my pursuit and achievement of a role that I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mikayla is a one of kind person who genuinely wants to see females succeed and achieve absolute fulfillment from their career. Mikayla coached me in interview and salary negotiation strategy, touching on aspects that I had never thought of. The services of Mikayla and Her Career are absolutely priceless. This woman will change your life.``

Yang Z, 30 Auckland

``Mikayla’s passion for accelerating the careers of women is both infectious and inspiring. Our private coaching sessions were meticulously planned, engaging and informative, and educated me on harnessing the power of mindset and strategy to land a job I love! In particular, Mikayla’s intensive training on negotiating a payrise was an invaluable resource that is a must watch for all!``

Sherri B, 25 Auckland

``I worked 1:1 with Mikayla Hopkins for 3 months earlier this year. What she taught me was invaluable, helping me secure a job promotion I had been working towards for years. She had a unique process of combing strategic and mindset work that enabled me to get clear on my career goals, the steps I needed to take and the person I needed to become. I liked that she supported me in figuring out the answers myself. I've worked with other mentors/consultants but none that had walked the walk like she does. I see Mikayla's vision for 'Her Career', and the professional network she's creating, being a HUGE success and integral role in many other professional's lives.``

Kim, 28 Merlbourne