Our Team.

Mikayla Hopkins

Founder & Chief Connector

Not long ago, Mikayla was living pay-check to pay-check, buried under tens of thousands of student debt. She was never certain about what her “passion was”, but KNEW that building a successful career in her early 20’s was important to her. Mikayla didn’t grow up with money, or the privilege of having the “right connections”, and watched as her hard-working parents worked tirelessly in a role that neither were particularly passionate about. Professional success looks different for everyone, but for Mikayla, she knew she wanted to work in a role that constantly challenged, inspired and excited her, one which offered the opportunity to grow, where her drive and skills would be fairly rewarded and fostered, and a role that would grant her total job fulfillment – she worked hard, connected harder and after 3 years was a c-level executive in a Chief Marketing Officer role.

Mikayla, Founder of Her Career, keeps busy with her own 9 – 5, mentoring, connecting and taking other exceptional women out for coffee!

About Mikayla

Rosey Nathan

Executive Ambassador & Mentor

Fate has a lot to do with having this woman in our team. Inspirational, bold, and a champion for women. Rosey swings for the fences, gets things done and is blindly passionate about helping other women succeed at work.

Alongside her own successful 9 – 5, as a Client Director for Core Logic, the leading property data, information, analytics and services provider in Australasia, Rosey fuels our fire, supports the strategy of Her Career and is a sound confidant to our founder, Mikayla. She actively seeks out the best partnerships, connections, systems and tools to drive growth towards our mission of empowering 1 million women across Australasia.

About Rosey

Our Mentors.

``Mikayla and Her Career were absolutely pivotal in my pursuit and achievement of a role that I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mikayla is a one of kind person who genuinely wants to see females succeed and achieve absolute fulfillment from their career. Mikayla coached me in interview and salary negotiation strategy, touching on aspects that I had never thought of. The services of Mikayla and Her Career are absolutely priceless. This woman will change your life.``

Yang Z, 30 Auckland

``Mikayla’s passion for accelerating the careers of women is both infectious and inspiring. Our private coaching sessions were meticulously planned, engaging and informative, and educated me on harnessing the power of mindset and strategy to land a job I love! In particular, Mikayla’s intensive training on negotiating a payrise was an invaluable resource that is a must watch for all!``

Sherri B, 25 Auckland

``I worked 1:1 with Mikayla Hopkins for 3 months earlier this year. What she taught me was invaluable, helping me secure a job promotion I had been working towards for years. She had a unique process of combing strategic and mindset work that enabled me to get clear on my career goals, the steps I needed to take and the person I needed to become. I liked that she supported me in figuring out the answers myself. I've worked with other mentors/consultants but none that had walked the walk like she does. I see Mikayla's vision for 'Her Career', and the professional network she's creating, being a HUGE success and integral role in many other professional's lives.``

Kim, 28 Merlbourne