Power Circles & Corporate Packages

No career coaches. No business owners. No cookie cutter conversations.
We’re here to support your organisation and your ambitious intrapreneurial women within your company. We’re big on creating a new reality where your entry-mid level employees can make progress personally and professionally. We take a highly personalised approach, known for creating tribes of successful and confident women that thrive in the workplace.

We like to partner with game changing brands that have a shared mission of providing a better reality and workplace for their female employees. And yes, we’re big on advocating for the companies who strive for equality and invest in empowering their teams. Our interactions inspire conversations that lead to actionable resources, networking, and fostered relationships that extend across personal and professional lives.

There’s conversations take shape through the following –

Power Circles
Individual Power Sessions
Speaking & Thought Leadership
Networking & Support

Unlocking the potential of your ambitious female intraprenuers.

Her Career’s Corporate Packages offer agile and personalised sessions which cover topics created from key and topical themes, and personalised to individuals involved from pre-session work. We’re here to accelerate your business growth by underpinning more women into higher positions and welcoming them to a professional network for a new era. We’re backed with the wisdom and comradery of female leaders across multiple disciplines and industries to guide and empower your employees to drive change and innovation for themselves, your business and the world.

We often talk about the “glass ceiling” that prevents women from reaching senior leadership positions. In reality, the biggest obstacle that women face is much earlier in the pipeline, at the first step up to manager. Fixing this “broken rung” is the key to achieving parity.

To ensure the best for your team and business, all sessions are aligned to business objectives and values – with the help of women who want to see your female employees win and advance to higher levels, professionally and personally.

Whole human growth

Her Career focuses on whole human growth – we provide a safe space for women to share their stories, be vulnerable, challenge their current thinking and boundaries to break free of their own constraints to become their own best advocate, guiding them towards professional excellence, while building a passionate and dedicated support network.

Mikayla, our Founder, and Rosey, our Executive Ambassador deliver these sessions – both of which have their fingers on the pulse of what is important to hundreds of women across the nation at a variety of levels.

Her Career’s Power Sessions truly provide insightful learnings and growth strategies individuals can bring back to teams as a contributor or leader.

Brand profile prominence

We understand the value in profile prominence for any business wanting to promote it efforts towards empowering its employees. We want to attract socially minded work and continue using our time and talents to actively promote organisations who support diversity and female development. You’re an open supporter of female millennial empowerment – and we’re here to let the world know it.

Additionally, we’re here to spotlight your ambitious female intraprenuers throughout our channels, advancing their profiles as high performing ‘one’s to watch’.

Attract better talent

Many women want to know what additional support employers can provide, an alignment with Her Career can add value to your employment offering.

Companies with higher female representation and active female development programs tend to attract higher performers than those that don’t. And it’s no secret – women wan’t to build careers with corridors of powers that are inclusive, supportive and progressive!


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