Rosey Nathan

Chief Commercial Officer @ Her Career & Partner | Senior Sourcing Specialist @ Customise Talent Group

Rosey’s Expertise

Going through a career transition/pivot
Salary acceleration / annual performance preparation
Interviewing with confidence
LinkedIn optimisation
Leadership + Management
Networking like a pro
Career direction
Career advancement / Promotion
Personal Branding
Managing overwhelm / stress or conflict at work
Industry insight


Managing Motherhood & Professional Development
Developing resilience
Standing in your integrity
Leveraging your personality strengths

Our take.

Serving “fempower” the moment her energy enters the room, Rosey and Her Career were destined to cross paths at exactly the time we did. Introduction provided by networking extraordinaire Andrew Weaver, Rosey’s passion for helping women succeed in the workplace, and her ability to unlock their full human potential in her uniquely, transparent, yet powerful way, is what makes her a unicorn.

Driven, passionate, well-connected and the previous founder of (a free women’s professional business and mentoring community, see, obvious synchronicity!), she is a perfect fit for Her Career in so many ways. 

Rosey has already assisted young women develop their 9-5 career acceleration, while also giving a voice and opportunity for experienced women, who have walked their own paths, to share.  Her strengths are a combination of skills, particularly in leadership, collaboration, strategic planning, network connection, creating mentoring spaces and inspiration.  She can’t wait to meet, mentor and support more young women, directly and through the wider Her Career platforms. 

From Rosey, To You.

Hey, I’m Rosey and I’d love to make a positive difference in your career and life!

An intrapreneur like you, the Chief Commercial Officer for Her Career with a background in Sales, Account Management, Transformation, Partnership, Mentoring, Leadership, Project Management, and Implementation.  I’ve worked in extreme pressure, fast paced, under resourced and high accountability roles.

Where I am now is a significant development from where my career started.  I began as a Customs Runner for a Freight Forwarding business over 20 years ago. During my career climb I have worked in 13 full time positions, with 3 complimentary volunteer roles, over 7 different industries. It’s safe to say I not only understand, but have successfully navigated, significant role and career pivots. I may have an age of experience behind me, but I am also a firm believer of fun in the face of serious and bringing your own unique whole humanness to achieve your greatest success.

This comes from an early background of volatility, with few positive or professional role models and turning these challenging experiences of my youth around in positive ways, most successful when being my authentic self. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a conduit for inspiring change for as many people as I could!

Becoming a stepmother to 3 children (then aged 7-11) when I was only 21, not only necessitated early maturity, but fed my natural nurturing and responsibility traits.  This drove me to be the best professional I could, to provide for my family. Using that personal drive and motivation to guide and develop others, truly recharges my soul.

“There are days you will question all you are, do, and are capable of being.

Find your way to harness that fear and uncertainty to GROW AND OVERCOME”

My life and professional experiences are something that I openly share. I sincerely believe that only you can be the driver of your own journey. Owning all of who you have been, and are, makes you stronger. I’m not here to put you in my shoes but am open to sharing where and how I have walked to help support an easier climb for you.

My opinion, insight, and guidance are communicated with honesty and no ego – hopefully providing what you need, not what you might think you want, from a mentoring session.  I’m here to help you understand your natural and transferable skill sets, and create internal constructive tension, with my considered and personalised interaction.  I’d love to be part of what changes your game!

Her Career Mentors

``Mikayla and Her Career were absolutely pivotal in my pursuit and achievement of a role that I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mikayla is a one of kind person who genuinely wants to see females succeed and achieve absolute fulfillment from their career. Mikayla coached me in interview and salary negotiation strategy, touching on aspects that I had never thought of. The services of Mikayla and Her Career are absolutely priceless. This woman will change your life.``

Yang Z, 30 Auckland

``Mikayla’s passion for accelerating the careers of women is both infectious and inspiring. Our private coaching sessions were meticulously planned, engaging and informative, and educated me on harnessing the power of mindset and strategy to land a job I love! In particular, Mikayla’s intensive training on negotiating a payrise was an invaluable resource that is a must watch for all!``

Sherri B, 25 Auckland

``I worked 1:1 with Mikayla Hopkins for 3 months earlier this year. What she taught me was invaluable, helping me secure a job promotion I had been working towards for years. She had a unique process of combing strategic and mindset work that enabled me to get clear on my career goals, the steps I needed to take and the person I needed to become. I liked that she supported me in figuring out the answers myself. I've worked with other mentors/consultants but none that had walked the walk like she does. I see Mikayla's vision for 'Her Career', and the professional network she's creating, being a HUGE success and integral role in many other professional's lives.``

Kim, 28 Merlbourne