Inspiring 1 million empowered moments where women accelerate career, money, network.

Her Career, is a place where any female who’s serious about their career can come to share curiosity, generosity, and knowledge. We’re the career platform for ambitious, millennial women wanting to grow their 9 – 5, money and network. We are here to inform, entertain, and inspire action through content, on-demand career mentoring, e-learning and experiences we create throughout Australasia.

Want to hear our ambitious goal? We’re on a mission to inspire 1 million empowered moments where women accelerate career, money, network by 2025. That means more women in positions of power. We’re also driving equal pay through conversation, confidence and connections – ending the 9.2% and 14% pay gap across New Zealand and Australia.

Her Career is more than a career platform, it’s a movement to accelerate the advances women have been making in workplaces and corridors of power.

Our Values.

At Her Career, we developed a set code that acts as our guiding compass for every decision we make. It’s a set of directives that align us to stay focused on what really matters. We design them nice and pretty, and have them posted up around our office as a little daily reminder of why we’re here. Even if you never land those coveted jobs in our headquarters, these philosophies can be applied to every corner of your professional and personal life:


We celebrate our success and the success of those who came before, and after us. We accelerate each other in pursuit of our mission. We turn our back on Tall Poppy Syndrome and understand sharing our success opens the doors for ourselves and for others. We break down barriers, together.

Champion the mission

We prioritise work that advances the mission and positively impacts the community. Build with the long-term in mind. We’re bold and apply original thinking. We always imagine the ideal outcome, with our career, money and network.


Personal accountability is the root of everyone’s success at Her Career. Change ALWAYS begins with self awareness. In our network, we remain curious, own and learn from mistakes, and demonstrate an ability to grow.


We’re real. We’re human. And we’re creating a space where women can show their strength through their vulnerability. Vulnerability is the catalyst for creating major shifts and change in our life, work and relationships and we damn well welcome it. We ask questions (and never treat others’ ideas or Qs as dumb) and are comfortable throwing things at the wall.


Above all else. In a time when we’re feeling further and further apart, we support connection through community, friendships in the workplace, and women supporting women. We’re here to foster genuine relationships with other smart, empowered females who want to lift others up. We have real conversations about where we are and what we need to succeed – over coffee, or wine!


We know success is sweeter shared, so for every woman that walks through our doors we ask that you pull up a seat for the next woman wanting a place at the table. At Her Career we’ve seen the impact of the ripple effect and encourage everyone in our circle to look out for where they can mentor others, because none of us can achieve greatness without having good people walking alongside us who have already walked the path. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and always bring joy and optimism to work.

Our Team.

``Mikayla and Her Career were absolutely pivotal in my pursuit and achievement of a role that I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mikayla is a one of kind person who genuinely wants to see females succeed and achieve absolute fulfillment from their career. Mikayla coached me in interview and salary negotiation strategy, touching on aspects that I had never thought of. The services of Mikayla and Her Career are absolutely priceless. This woman will change your life.``

Yang Z, 30 Auckland

``Mikayla’s passion for accelerating the careers of women is both infectious and inspiring. Our private coaching sessions were meticulously planned, engaging and informative, and educated me on harnessing the power of mindset and strategy to land a job I love! In particular, Mikayla’s intensive training on negotiating a payrise was an invaluable resource that is a must watch for all!``

Sherri B, 25 Auckland

``I worked 1:1 with Mikayla Hopkins for 3 months earlier this year. What she taught me was invaluable, helping me secure a job promotion I had been working towards for years. She had a unique process of combing strategic and mindset work that enabled me to get clear on my career goals, the steps I needed to take and the person I needed to become. I liked that she supported me in figuring out the answers myself. I've worked with other mentors/consultants but none that had walked the walk like she does. I see Mikayla's vision for 'Her Career', and the professional network she's creating, being a HUGE success and integral role in many other professional's lives.``

Kim, 28 Merlbourne